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I'm not going to name names of any goodies or badies. In my view every supplement company is guilty of some marketing scam at some point, but at least some companies do genuinely sell quality products, albeit at very expensive prices. Many companies are now claiming they have nothing to hide and are therefore more open with what they say, which is great, but again, I cannot help feeling that this is yet another, very subtle, marketing scam, trying to increase their credibility.

Some of the companies are run by well known supposed bodybuilding nutrition 'gurus', who come out with interesting facts, and go on about how reputable their company is. This really makes me wonder. If a company is so reputable, why shout about it? They also like to pick out a few of their reputable competitors and say that these companies are also pretty good, just to make themselves seen unbiased.

A true reputable company should not need to make any outrageous claims, as good reputation will increase their sales in the long term. All companies are, of course, in business to make a profit, but over the long term will realise this is from providing high quality products, excellent service, aim to satisfy customers wants and needs and to not give any bull shit.

" medicine, nutrition and bodybuilding there are too many confounding factors."

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Body Building Secrets Revealed

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