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Quality weight gain powders will always have their place in the bodybuilding market. I do not mean the ridiculously mega high calorie crash weight gain formulas full of simple carbohydrate and fats mentioned in Chapter 10; but the moderately high calorie, high protein formulas such as N-Large2® (ProLab Nutrition) and Pro-Mass® (Chemical Nutrition Products). Typically these are 5 - 600 calories per serving and approximately 50g protein, and can be mixed with water or skimmed milk.

Weight gain formulas are definitely not necessary for every bodybuilder, especially not for the hefty built endomorphic type physique. Nor would I recommend them for someone who is trying to keep their body fat down. However, quality weight gain powders are an invaluable aid for the skinny newcomer who struggles to eat enough food in order to put on quality weight. They are also useful off-season for more-advanced bodybuilders with a fast metabolisms and busy lifestyles to add a few more quality calories, which may otherwise be missed out on.

Like many bodybuilders, I have used mega high calorie formulas in the past, but wouldn't waste my money again. I do still use quality weight gain powders when I am in a bulking cycle, especially useful when I am too busy for a snack or meal, and I always keep a serving prepared in the fridge.

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The Bible of Body Building

The Bible of Body Building

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