Protein and Amino Acids Supplements

There are many protein, amino acid complex and individual amino acid supplements on the market. I will discuss the uses of amino acid capsules in muscle growth, and also the benefits of supplementing with single amino acids like glutamine, in the appropriate chapters, as some may be beneficial, others not. The importance of a quality protein intake was discussed in depth in Chapter 3, but other single amino acids need a mention, as supplement companies claim they have a role in being used as a supplement in their own right. I do not intend to go through each amino acid individually, but will mention a few with specific bodybuilding applications (or that claim to have). Remember that all amino acids essentially have a role in bodybuilding, as they are the building blocks of protein. In most cases this is sufficient as part of food or protein powders.

There are a few essential / indispensable amino acids that our bodies cannot synthesise; therefore we must consume them. There are also conditionally essential amino acids, which under certain circumstances we are unable to make enough, for example glutamine. The remainder are considered non-essential, though what we obtain from our diet are still used abundantly in the body.

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