Pre Workout Drinks

Energy drinks come in a vast array of different concoctions, some just sugar-based and some containing a range of stimulants like caffeine, guarana and ephedra (see Chapter 9). Do not confuse them with electrolyte replacement drinks, as discussed in Chapter 6, though some do contain electrolytes to help fluid absorption. They should also contain optimal levels of carbohydrate to aid fluid absorption.

Again, energy drinks are very expensive, but nice tasting and many feel they need them in order to train intensely after a hard day at work. Also, remember the importance of a good fluid intake from Chapter 6 in order to train maximally, and these drinks are a great way to « these drinks are D


great way to hydrate."

I will not recommend any particular types of pre-workout drinks; I'll leave that for you to decide which you prefer. Avoid the high sugar (glucose) ones, which are full of calories, as these can have a rebound effect on your energy levels and, in fact, cause sluggishness. To avoid stomach cramps, sip them before and during workouts, don't gulp!

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