Other Factors Affecting Hydration State

The use of diuretic agents has major effects on hydration. Alcohol and caffeine are two commonly used diuretics. It may take up to 48 hours to fully re-hydrate after a heavy drinking session - so, avoid the booze! Caffeine does have benefits in its own right, i.e. as a stimulant, but don't overdo it. Don't drink tea or coffee before or during a training session, as, not only are they warm beverages, but the diuretic effect of caffeine will limit hydration status. Also, don't consume too many cups in one day. Remember that dehydration is a limiting factor for exercising intensely.

Don't wipe sweat off during training (unless it's getting in your eyes), and splashing water on the skin is also a useful way to aid the loss of heat through evaporation. Wear suitable clothing, to help keep cool - avoid heavy sweaters and thick training bottoms, just because they make you look bigger!

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