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This next meal plan (Figure 6) is meant for the experienced competitive bodybuilder who has already built a great physique. Following a cutting cycle, e.g. for a competition, he/she may wish to bulk up a bit and pack on quality weight. This will mean holding a little body fat, but still staying in reasonably good condition, and, I wouldn't recommend much more than bulking up to one to one and a half stones (14-21lbs / 6-11kg) over competition weight.

This meal plan is only suitable for an individual with a motivated lifestyle to bodybuilding, as it requires forward planning. I have noted only approximate portion sizes, as naturally, we are all different and some of us may gain muscle bulk easier than others; you will have to establish what portion size you will require. Carbohydrate portion sizes will vary, and protein amounts will need to be adjusted accordingly (see Chapter 3). However, I do not believe in mega-calories, like the guys who eat 7-8,000 calories a day. You will need a high calorie intake compared to Mr Average but nowhere near this level, if quality foods are eaten regularly. The key to bulking up is by quality protein intake and regular complex carbohydrates.

Your diet may include some fatty and sugary foods, which there is no harm in including when bulking up. In addition to weight training, I recommend light cardiovascular training two or three times a week, to help circulation and health. Remember that this is a guide and it is imperative that you do vary your choice of food and quantities eaten.

".vary your choice of food and quantities eaten."

Figure 6 : Example menu plan for an enthusiastic off-season bodybuilder.


Wake 7.30 am 7.30

8.00 breakfast





1 scoop whey protein in water

Large bowel wholewheat breakfast cereal with 1/3 pint skimmed milk

/ portion MRP in water

100ml orange juice + 1 tblsp olive oil

High protein supplement bar / scoop whey protein in water Fruit

Tuna (95g) + 1 tblsp natural yoghurt / small chicken breast (60g) 4 slices wholemeal bread + olive oil spread Huge salad Low fat yoghurt

1 scoop whey protein in water Fruit


15g 21g

25g 10g

27 g 18g

7g 20g



1 scoop whey protein in water 2-4 rice cakes

1/2 portion MRP in water


18.30 (after training) 2 scoops whey protein in water



23.30 23.30 bed mackerel (95g)

/ small chicken breast (60g)

Either 2 medium jacket potatoes or 200g boiled brown rice or 350g boiled wholewheat pasta


Low fat yoghurt

/ portion weight gain drink + / scoop whey protein powder in water

1 scoop whey protein in water

20g 21g

20g 18g

33g 20g

As you can see, this is a high protein regimen with quality protein consumed regularly throughout the day. Amino acid capsules may also be added to ensure protein quality further. The plan includes five servings of fruit and vegetables, and is also high quality carbohydrate regularly. Carbohydrate intake may need to be adjusted according to how your body responds.

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