Mega High Calorie Weight Gainers

Bad. in the late 1980s and early 1990s the uThe hottest new bodybuilding bodybuilding supplement industry went through mega-calorie mania. The hottest supplement was the one with new bodybuilding supplement was the one the highest calories."

with the highest calories, ranging from products of 1,500 to 3,000 kcals per serving

(there was even one of 10,000 kcals!). The theory was that calorie intake was the limiting factor for muscle growth, which we know not to be true, but I have to admit, in my naivety, I was caught out and regularly used them!

Calorie content was so high because the products were made up of fat and simple sugars and a serving size was huge. They contained vitamins and minerals and reasonably high protein, but of inferior quality. Drinks were to be made up with full cream milk, as much as one or two pints, to achieve the calorie total claimed on the packet. Extra full cream milk increased the total and saturated fat content further, and also raised lactose content of a product which was already high in lactose - hard work for even the most hardy of digestive systems. These products were also often unpalatably sweet and, due to the bulk, left you feeling bloated and unable to eat food for hours afterwards - undesirable for a bodybuilder. Many bodybuilders are still confused about these products when trying to gain weight but, in truth, all they do is help gain fat.

Most of these have now been withdrawn from the market, but a few are still available. These are not to be confused with the moderate calorie weight gain drinks that I discussed in Chapter 8, which contain quality protein and are low fat, and are a valuable contribution to the bodybuilder who struggles to eat enough to gain weight. Rather than using mega high calorie weight gain drinks, the hard gaining bodybuilder would be better using MRPs, quality weight gain powders and multidextrose powders.

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