Meal Replacement Powders MRPs

Meal replacement powders (MRPs) are

'complete' nutrition powders containing high "MRPs... are an invaluable am°untK °f ,qufity +modfate ^ aid to the bodybuilder."

of carbohydrate (multidextrose), essential fatty acids and the full array of vitamins and minerals. They are an invaluable aid to the bodybuilder as they can be used to substitute one or more of the many meals he/she has to consume in a day; or MRPs can be taken to complement a meal. MRPs are best made up with water only; although those with the naturally lean, hard-gaining -type physique may want to mix the powder with skimmed milk for extra calories and protein.

I believe MRPs were first developed quite a few years ago with Met-Rx®, which is still a great product. Since the popularity of Met-Rx®, many other companies have developed their own formulas, and improved on the original idea. Some now include pre- and probiotics (see Chapter 12), HMB (see Chapter 9), glutamine (see later in this chapter) and many anutrients (as explained in Chapter 5), amongst other ingredients.

Other examples are ProMR® (Chemical Nutrition Products) and Myoplex Plus® (EAS). Most come in portion sachets, but some are available in tubs. Not only are MRPs nutritious, they are palatable and very convenient. For this reason, despite them being expensive, they have become very popular with athletes and bodybuilders especially for those with busy lifestyles. They also contribute a large proportion of quality protein to the daily high protein requirements of a bodybuilder. One problem with them is, sachets make up to a large volume which can be hard to consume in one go, and the thick beverage leaves you feeling quite bloated.

There are variations to the traditional MRP theme. One such variation is the lean-mass stimulators, which are lower in calories and protein than regular MRPs, but contain high amounts of vitamins and minerals, possibly accompanied by things like creatine. Lean-mass stimulators still contain high quality ingredients. Examples are Phosphagain ® by EAS, PhosphaGold® by Weider Nutrition, and Lean Gainer® by Champion Nutrition. These are all great 'mini-meals' for the busy bodybuilder.

Another variation on MRPs is the complete nutrition electrolyte-replacement drinks, like Chemical Nutrition's Rapid Action ®. This is a palatable fruity drink with moderate quality protein and carbohydrate, vitamins and minerals, and high in electrolytes.

Regular MRPs are useful for any busy person, and are now being consumed abundantly by many different types of sportsman. Variations on regular MRPs are also useful, but not as 'essential' as mainstream MRPs which are really a 'must' for an enthusiastic bodybuilder, to help ensure good nutrition.

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