Lack of Scientific Evidence

As you know, I only endorse supplements where there is at least a degree of plausible evidence. By rights any company that quotes something like 'clinical studies have proven...' should reference these studies in the advertisement. If they do not you are well within your rights to request the data form the company. Review the studies carefully, and bear in mind what I discussed in Chapter 1 about strength of evidence. Forget the quotes from users saying they benefited from it and how hard they struggled before, even if they really did benefit, there are too many confounding factors to make this plausible evidence.

There may genuinely be a study from which an advertisement makes a claim, but the study could be of very poor design, or the company may have deliberately misinterpreted the findings. Bigger and seemingly more reputable companies may be involved with research. Unfortunately, and this is also the case in medical research, this initiates extreme bias into the results, and the paper's discussion is often slanted in favour of the product in question. However, this need not always be the case, and some reputable companies do part fund unbiased double blind placebo controlled prospective randomised trials - the best!

Very rarely can clinical trials 'prove' that something works, as is frequently claimed. At best they can provide really strong evidence to suggest that there is a link between using the product and the desired outcome. Unfortunately, stating the latter does not have the same impact in an advert.

Companies go on and on about the tests they've performed on their products using chemical process names that only a laboratory worker would have heard of l ike highperformance capillary electrophoresis and gas chromatography. These mean nothing to the customer, just seek to impress.

"...a reputable company should still stand by their money back guarantee and give a full refund if requested."

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