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Our website, has been running for a while now, and my colleague and friend Jason Barnham and I have become recognised experts in bodybuilding nutrition. Our visitors range from different standards of bodybuilders and strength athletes, through other sportsmen and women, to the average person who wishes to lose some weight and look good.

I have been working in the nutrition field for nearly 11 years, and qualified in 1995 from University of Surrey with an Honours degree in Nutrition with a State Registration in Dietetics (SRD). SRD is the only legally recognised qualification for nutrition in the UK, and is a licence to practice nutrition and dietetics. It protects the public from unscrupulous practitioners, as all advice we provide must be sound and evidence-based. Unfortunately in bodybuilding we are limited by a lack of research, so we have to rely on knowledge and experiences. I will be discussing types of evidence later on in this chapter and their usefulness in making our own judgements.

SRDs are also not allowed to endorse any single nutrition or food product, so we can make no financial gain in this respect, making advice we provide completely unbiased. However, we may name product examples, and if only one product of that type exists on the market, then it may be cited. We may also discuss the pros and cons of competitive products, so consumers are able to make an informed choice for themselves.

I will attempt to cover all aspects of nutrition relevant to bodybuilding in this ebook, including advice for beginners, off-season, pre-contest, different supplements, healthy diet and much more. I hope to clear up some of the conflicting advice bodybuilders continually hear, and educate the reader so he/she can make his/her own informed choice. In this ebook, I in no way mean to give individual advice, but I do intend to educate the enthusiastic bodybuilder to learn for his- or herself. Bodybuilding is a science, and those keen enough to find out more and put things into practice, will get better results. Remember, the more you know, the more you'll grow!

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