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Homeopathic supplements are derived from animal, plant and mineral sources, and I have decided to put them under this chapter rather than a previous supplement chapter, because they are more 'alternative nutrition' than anything else.

Homeopaths believe that if you take something in large amounts it causes a negative reaction. They hypothesise that if you take small amounts of the same substance then it will cure you. In some instances this theory is used in conventional practice, for example vaccinations against diseases are frequently tiny amounts of the disease in question to promote antibody formation. Likewise homeopaths believe if you take minute amounts of a particular hormone, it will somehow stimulate the body to produce more of that hormone, and, according to them, the smaller the amount of compound in a homeopathic supplement, the more effective it is. The most effective homeopathic supplements are those which contain nearly zero amounts of the substance in question! Hmmm?!

Products are diluted so many times, as described on the label of products. Sometimes levels are so small they are not detectable. Now I'm not going to slate homeopathy, as in alternative medicine it has been shown to have a place, and many people treated by it will swear it has cured them, and I am in no place to argue. But, I can be a sceptic, as I am a conventional scientist, I need a plausible explanation, if not reasonable evidence, that something works.

Homeopathy, I believe, is supposed to work because the potions have a specific electromagnetic frequency, which somehow activate the body's 'vital forces' and allow it to heal or reach a desired goal. This doesn't make much sense to me, and it's more likely to be the placebo effect (i.e. believing something works, therefore you feel the benefit).

Maybe I'm wrong, but it's good to be sceptical. I cannot see that homeopathic 'supplements' have a place in bodybuilding nutrition, so watch out for these concoctions. I'll leave it to you to make up your own minds.

There is a place for alternative nutrition in bodybuilding, as there is in aspects of medicine. It is important to keep open minded, but do not be persuaded by clever marketing and weak anecdotal evidence.

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