Glutathione (GSH) is a powerful antioxidant, naturally occurring in the body. Intense exercise reduces the body's natural level of GSH by 40% in muscle cells and 80% in the liver (Pyke, et al 1986). Supplementing with other antioxidants has been shown to help preserve GSH levels, as the other antioxidants help quash free radicals. However, whether or not a direct GSH supplement works is an area of debate. Animal studies have indicated a use (Tritschler 1995), but human studies failed to show any benefit.

As I have discussed in Chapter 5, I generally argue against supplementation with antioxidants, as long as you are eating a very good quantity of varied food sources. I certainly do not suggest the mega doses that some bodybuilding nutrition 'experts' suggest. But if you do wish to take amino acid antioxidant supplement, I would definitely not use GSH, rather use other antioxidants like vitamin E or selenium, which in turn help preserve GSH levels.

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