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The use of glandulars in nutrition and bodybuilding has been popular for many years; probably longer than I've been around! Basically, they are freeze-dried extracts of glands like bull's testes in the theory that you are taking in anabolic hormones. Glandulars are destroyed in digestion before being absorbed so any potentially active component will be lost.

Some companies sell neonatal glandular extracts, as glands from embryonic tissue are supposed to have higher activity levels of hormones. But this is just a variation to m ake the scam more effective!

Orchic Testosterone Extract is an extract of powdered bull's testes, and is another variant on the glandular theme. It is supposed to contain active testosterone and is taken sublingually. This stuff has never been tested and doesn't do squat.

There are no studies that show any benefit of using glandulars in bodybuilding or any other sport. They are a complete waste of money

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