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GHB or gamma hydroxybutyrate is not only a 'supplement' that I would say is useless, it is, in fact, lethal and avoid it at all costs! It became popular in the 1980s as it 'knocks you out' causing better, deeper sleep -an advantage to bodybuilders. Also, deeper sleep causes more growth hormone secretion. Since then it has become abused on the recreational drug scene too, and in the UK and USA has been rightly banned and classed as a drug. It is now illegal to manufacture and distribute GHB.

Interestingly, GHB has been nicknamed GBH because of its 'knock out' ability. It causes an almost 'euphoric state of mind, which is why its become abused. But if you take too much, you get projectile vomiting and can pass out quite quickly, in fact there are many reported deaths from GHB directly, or with it as part of a recreational drug cocktail. It is also called 'G' or 'Liquid X' on the streets. Its effects are addictive and can ruin lives. It is also one of the date-rape drugs, as it dissolves easily in drinks and leaves the victim immobilised.

One problem is that GHB can be made quite easily at home with varying strengths. I know a few guys who used this a few years ago and none of them will touch it again. One friend took it and ended up in hospital critically ill, and in my naivety, I too used it and felt dizzy and unable to stomach even water for 12 hours. The thing is, you can use this stuff a few times and feel OK; I felt great the next morning. Then one time it can all go inexplicably wrong with the same dose or even less.

This is completely different from the supplement GABA (see Chapter 8), which is one step up in the chemical chain form GHB. GABA makes you sleep better, but is much milder and has no potentially lethal side effects.

"GHB is., in fact, lethal and avoid it at all costs!"

Despite the fact that GHB may give you a good night's sleep, anything that has the potential for these side effects is a no-no in bodybuilding. If I had to pick out a supplement that was the worst ever, it would be GHB. Avoid GHB at all costs, and if someone tries to sell you it, it's illegal so report him or her to the police. I hate it!

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The Bible of Body Building

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