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Many fluid replacement drinks are available on the market, which are very expensive. They are extremely palatable and refreshing, which is why they sell so well, but they don't really make much difference to the performance of a workout. As many are fizzy and often gulped, they can bloat you, so may even impede performance.

They do often contain additional carbohydrate, which can help the rate of gastric emptying and absorption of fluid, whilst supplementing the body's energy reserves. The electrolytes present in fluid replacement drinks are to aid absorption of water, and not to replace electrolytes lost in sweat. Very small quantities of glucose, sodium and chloride in solution make it hypotonic, which promotes the movement of water across the gut, thus speeding absorption. Too much, however, will give a hypertonic solution, and compromise absorption. Optimal glucose concentration is below three percent. Above this inhibits effective fluid absorption. Also, too much carbohydrate pre-exercise has a detrimental effect on energy utilisation.

Certainly in bodybuilding there is little place for fluid replacement drinks, as weight training has frequent rest periods. You should be getting all your electrolytes from your balanced diet. But it is imperative to keep hydrated with water during training.

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