Fake Guarantees

Companies which offer a complete money back guarantee if their product doesn't 'work' have nothing to hide. The thing is supplements don't 'work' they merely 'supplement' a diet, and as I've said you don't need them to build a great physique, but they are extremely useful.

Money back guarantees have been around for years and are a great marketing ploy, as few people who don't get what they expect do actually reclaim their money. Also in nutrition there are so many confounding factors that its hard to prove if you were eating correctly and training hard whilst using formula X. However, a reputable company should still stand by their money back guarantee and give a full refund if requested. Unfortunately some companies do not! Companies have even been known to offer an 'unconditional money back guarantee', but send letters to clients explaining why they weren't eligible.

The plus side of this is that companies who behave in this way don't last long due to bad reputation, a bad reputation spreads rapidly through the bodybuilding community! Stick to reputable brands and heed their terms and conditions of a money back guarantee, i.e. keep receipts and packaging until you're happy.

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