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Acknowledgements 2

Contents 3

Forward 5

Section A Introduction and General Concepts

Effective Bodybuilding Nutrition 6

Healthy Eating And Bodybuilding 9

Section B Nutrients in Bodybuilding

Protein and Carbohydrate In Bodybuilding 11

Fats and Bodybuilding 20

Vitamins and Minerals in Bodybuilding 24

Fluid and Bodybuilding 31

Section C Supplements and Nutraceuticles

An Introduction to Supplements 35

The Top 10 Bodybuilding Supplements 38

Supplements That May have a Role in Bodybuilding 48 Waste of Money Supplements 62

Sensible Buying of Bodybuilding Supplements 78

Probiotics and Prebiotics 82

Alternative Nutrition and Bodybuilding 84

Section D

Putting it all into Practice - Meal Plans

Gaining Quality Weight 86

Losing Body Fat Whilst Gaining Quality Weight 96

Deluxe Meal Plan 100

Snack Ideas 103

Bodybuilding Competition Preparation 105

Section E Other Considerations

Bodybuilding When You Are Ill 117

Bodybuilding in Population Subgroups 119

Closing Points 123

Glossary of Relevant Terms 124

Bibliography and References Cited 136

Index 142

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