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After many questions on, I decided to write this chapter on the top 10 best value-for-money supplements available to bodybuilders. I will cover those which do have a role somewhere in the sport of bodybuilding, and a brief description of their use.

This chapter is based solely on my professional opinion and experience, but I have taken into account experimental, epidemiological and anecdotal evidence. The list is in no particular order (except for the first two, which, I feel, are the most useful for muscle growth), and, indeed, not all listed are appropriate for every bodybuilder, but all listed have their uses for some individuals. Some of the other supplements not listed in this chapter may have a role, but, I feel, do not have such a big role to play in bodybuilding, as these 10 (see Chapter 9). Many others are a waste of money (though I keep a slightly open mind, as there are new developments) (see Chapter 10).

Remember that you do not need any supplements to build a great physique, but they are an extremely useful and effective way of improving your gains.

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