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With the vast array of nutritional supplements and erogenic aids on the market it is no wonder that even many experienced bodybuilders and athletes are baffled as to which are effective.

In the next few chapters I will attempt to look at most of the well-known (and not so well known) supplements on the market. It was incredibly hard work trying to arrange these chapters into some sort of order, as they can be grouped in many different ways. I decided to group them by their effectiveness, as this is what is important to the consumer.

This brief chapter discusses supplements in general and mentions some of the groups. The next three chapters will look at the most useful (Chapter 8), some which may be effective and worth trying (Chapter 9) and lastly, the waste of money ones (Chapter 10). Then in Chapter 11, I'll look at ways to help stop you getting ripped off by some of the scams supplement manufacturers and marketers try to pull.

Discussions on supplements are based solely on my professional opinion and experience, but I have taken into account experimental, epidemiological and anecdotal evidence, including my own usage. The world of nutritional supplements is vast, but remember, they are what they say, i.e. 'nutritional supplements' - they merely serve to 'supplement' a diet which must already be optimal. You do not need any supplements to build a great physique, but they are an extremely useful and effective way of improving your gains. Supplements do not 'work' as such, they are just a way of optimising your nutrition.

Nutritional supplements may be based on a variety of ingredients form varied sources, but in order to be classified as 'supplements' they must either be derivatives of a naturally occurring substance in the body or naturally occurring in nature which can be of no harm to the body. There is a very fine line between some substances that are classified as a 'nutritional supplement' and ones that are classed as a 'drug' and banned. In fact, products are constantly under review, and, in some cases, laws change so when a substance becomes banned it becomes a 'drug', though previously it may have been a 'supplement'. This is the case with some testosterone boosters.

Below I will introduce you to a few classifications of supplements and briefly discuss them.

"You do not need any supplements to build a great physique, but they are an extremely useful and effective way of improving your gains."

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