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Fat has traditionally been viewed as the bad nutrient in nutrition, although more recently people are recognising that there are different types of fat and that there may be some health benefits by including certain types of fat in the diet. An 'obsession' with many people has come about recently, in counting the number of grams of fat in foods. It used to be to count calories, and we managed to educate people not to do this, so now they have gone onto counting fat grams, in desperation to keep under a certain level each day. This fad has probably come about from manufacturers quoting their products as so many percent fat free. I try to educate my clients not to count fat grams either, as there really is no need, due to the fact that there are different types.

Why has fat been given such a bad rap? Well, in the Western population, in recent years, people are generally eating too much fat, from junk food and take-aways. It has been engrained into us that high fat = high blood cholesterol = heart disease. But, in reality the equation is much, much more complicated. As we are looking at healthy bodybuilding nutrition, I will firstly run through the types of fat, then look at their effect on health, and lastly look at the benefits of certain fats to the bodybuilder.

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Keep Your Weight In Check During The Holidays

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