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I hope you've found Informed Bodybuilding Nutrition an educational and enjoyable read. You will now have an excellent understanding of what to eat in order to pack on quality muscle and improve your strength. As I said in Chapter 1, the object was for you to make up your own minds on bodybuilding nutrition issues, and your minds should be wide open to the quest of wanting to find out more. The science of bodybuilding nutrition is ever changing, so I hope this ebook has been a valuable aid to your learning. Most of the fundamental issues (and a lot more) should be clear now and ready to apply into your bodybuilding lifestyle everyday.

I've covered the concepts of healthy eating and its importance to us, and macronutrients and micronutrients and their relevance to different individuals. I've discussed supplements that are great, those that are all right, those that need more research, and those that are a waste of money. I'm sure there are more supplements not mentioned, if not there soon will be - I'll keep you informed in updates. You will now be able to judge which supplements are good value for money and of use to you.

I've tried to cater for all nutritional needs of bodybuilders with my eating regimens and example meal plans. We've also looked into nutraceuticals and alternative nutrition issues, and much more. If you are looking to compete, pre-contest nutrition has been discussed extensively too. There is more out there in the growing science of bodybuilding and the MuscleTalk forum will keep abreast of these issues as they are brought to our attention.

I hope to have cleared up some of the conflicting advice bodybuilders continually hear, and to have educated you to be able to make your own informed choice. As I have previously said, I in no way meant to give individual advice, but intended to educate the enthusiastic bodybuilder to learn for his- or herself. Bodybuilding is a science, and those keen enough to find out more and put things into practice, will get better results. Remember, the more you know, the more you'll grow!

It's now up to you, if you come across anything you're not sure about or have any questions from this ebook, raise it on and I, and other experienced members, will look into it.

You've learned lots from Informed Bodybuilding Nutrition but the lesson continues, so I'm going to end on the same note as I did in Chapter 1, other than saying I hope you keep a strong mental attitude in order to achieve your bodybuilding goals (whatever they are):

'No one knows your own body better than you do, so you will have to go away, continue to learn and try things'

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