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Despite the healthy physical appearance of bodybuilders, we too suffer from the run-of-the-mill illnesses. We start to feel ill and panic sets in, because, not only do we see it as a time where we cannot train and progress, but if the illness affects the appetite, we may actually lose size! In reality though, there will be minimal losses from a common cold, tummy bug or food poisoning. Even with a dose of influenza for a couple of weeks there may be some catabolism, but this will be easily got back when you restart training and eating properly. Don't weight yourself as you will have lost weight, your glycogen stores will be low and much of weight loss will be water; the scales could make you depressed.

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Body Building Secrets Revealed

Body Building Secrets Revealed

Ever since the fitness craze in the 1980’s, we have become a nation increasingly aware of our health and physique. Millions of dollars are spent every year in the quest for a perfect body. Gyms are big business, personal trainers are making a tidy living helping people stay fit, and body building supplements are at an all-time level of performance.

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