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The more advanced bodybuilders amongst you may wish to compete in bodybuilding competitions, indeed some of you may already have. Competition preparation is an entirely different ball game to off-season training or early stages of bodybuilding. The aim is to be as super defined, striated and full in appearance as possible, whilst maintaining muscle size and a healthy look, as well as being in proportion.

If you would like to compete for the first time, do make sure you are ready both physically and mentally. Seek trusted advice from others who are experienced in competing; their trained, honest eye will be an invaluable aid in attaining your desired appearance. If you do not carry enough muscle, then wait and do some serious training; if you haven't given yourself enough time before the date of the show, then wait for another. Do not try to kid yourself that you are big enough, or that you have enough time, as the standard of bodybuilding competitors these days is very high and continually rising, even in junior, first time and novice categories. You do not want to make a fool of yourself by being too small, or being too fat!

It is also imperative that you try to avoid any outside distractions during the weeks in the run-up to the show, and preparing for this contest will be the only thing that matters to you for a few weeks. Bodybuilding will become the most important thing in your life for the pre-contest period (if it's not already!), and total dedication is required.

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