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In this chapter, I have compiled a Deluxe Meal Plan for the highly enthusiastic off-season competitive bodybuilder incorporating many useful supplements. This regimen is very expensive, and you may wish to include some or all of the following supplements:

♦ Whey protein powder

♦ Complete nutrition electrolyte replacement drinks

♦ Pre-workout drinks

♦ Supplement bars

♦ Amino acid capsules

I have tried to distribute the supplements for optimum use. Figure 9 : Example of a deluxe meal plan.

Time Food Protein

Wake 7.30 am

7.30 1 scoop whey protein in water 20g

8.00 breakfast Large bowel wholewheat breakfast cereal with 1/3 pint skimmed milk 15g

/ portion MRP in water 21g

9.00 20ml aloe vera gel

100ml orange juice + 2g glutamine + 1 tblsp olive oil Tea/coffee + skimmed milk + sugar + 2-5g creatine monohydrate Fruit

10.30 High protein supplement bar 25g

/ scoop whey protein in water 10g

12.30 Tuna (95g) + 1 tblsp low fat natural yoghurt 27 g

/ small chicken breast (60g) 18g

4 slices wholemeal bread + olive oil spread Huge salad

Low fat yoghurt 7g

4-6 amino acid capsules


1 scoop whey protein powder in water Tea/coffee + skimmed milk (+ sugar + 5g creatine monohydrate*) Fruit

16.00 17.30


1/2 portion MRP in water


18.45 (after training) 2 scoops whey protein in water


20.30 22.00

Mackerel (95g)

/ small chicken breast (60g)

Either 2 medium jacket potatoes or 200g boiled brown rice or 350g boiled wholewheat pasta


Low fat yoghurt

4-6 amino acid capsules

Mug green tea with lemon juice

1 MRP in water Fruit + 4 rice cakes

Complete nutrition electrolyte replacement drink 13g 2-4 rice cakes

Pre-workout drink / ephedra / eca / guarana

20g 18g


23.30 bed

GABA in low sugar fruit cordial 1 scoop whey protein in water

Middle of night (if wake)

1 scoop whey protein in water


" creatine loading phase only

20g 364g

In addition to the above consume plenty of water throughout the day. This is a high protein regimen with quality protein consumed regularly throughout the day. Amino acid capsules are included to ensure protein quality. The plan includes five servings of fruit and vegetables, and is also high quality complex carbohydrates regularly. Carbohydrate intake may need to be adjusted according to how your body responds.

"Amino acid capsules are included to ensure

At 9.00 am I have noted the time to take many of the protein quality." supplements, as this is away from other food intake, and those taken here will not interact with each other. Take glutamine powder at this time, and remember that MRPs and complete nutrition electrolyte replacement drink also contain high amounts of added glutamine.

Creatine is noted down for the loading phase, adjust doses according to the regimen described in Chapter 8. The sugar in the tea / coffee and the fruit will supply sufficient simple carbohydrates to optimise absorption of creatine.

The regimen includes a pre-workout drink and stimulants before training, but these are entirely optional, and do not take them all! I've also include GABA to improve sleep, but don't consume this everyday.

This deluxe meal plan is again just an example, and please vary the food choices, as variety is so important. Including some junk food occasionally is fine. This regimen is only designed for the highly dedicated bodybuilder off-season. It requires forward planning and self-discipline. Use the information you have learned from this ebook and other research to adapt it to suit your lifestyle.

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Spartans Routine

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