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In this chapter, I'm going to provide a few example meal plans for the different scenarios for gaining weight. Here I'm referring to gaining quality weight, i.e. lean muscle mass with minimal body fat. I am frequently asked for examples of meal plans to suit people who are new to weight training and advice for the hard gainer type physique who wishes to pack on weight. I have also compiled a regimen for the competitive off-season bodybuilder who wants to bulk up with quality weight.

I do not believe in gaining unnecessary amounts of weight in the form of body fat at any time. Many bodybuilders believe it is necessary to do this, either in your early bodybuilding days, or during the off-season period, in order for your body to know what it feels like to be bigger! These individuals may put on two stones (28lbs / 13kg) or more above what I would consider to be desirable, and when it comes to contest preparation they may have to lose three or four stones! Not only is this unhealthy, in point of view of heart disease and other diseases, but also it is also counter productive to "You have to hold a little body fat bodybuilding. to be healthy and gain weight."

You have to hold a little body fat to be healthy and gain weight, but this need only be one to one and a half stones above competition weight, i.e. still really lean. Many big guys have done the 'over-bulking up' thing before, but have learned by their mistakes, and wouldn't do it again. In fact they have found that they are just as strong or even stronger at a leaner weight. This is probably due to more efficient respiratory function at lower body fat levels.

Figure 1 in Chapter 3 provided an example of a meal plan looking at protein foods only, so I could give a clear example of quality protein distribution. In this chapter I'll incorporate that information and into a range of other meal plans and discuss each one in turn. Like in Figure 1, I have totalled up approximate protein levels, but this is really only from the HBV protein foods, and not from the carbohydrate foods, so protein intake will actually be higher than the amounts stated. I have not totalled up calorie levels, because I do not encourage bodybuilders to count calories; there i s no need, if you are not gaining weight sufficiently, just increase the portion size of what you eat.

Remember that all plans written in this chapter are merely a guide. Do not follow them rigidly every day. Eat a wide variety of different foods, and you may even include some junk food now and again.

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