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'Alternative nutrition' may be defined as using non-conventional approaches and formulas in your diet, including formulas and regimens which do not have formal backing of conventional doctors and practitioners. There is a huge overlap, however, between alternative and conventional nutrition. I have already covered many 'alternative' products involved in bodybuilding nutrition, but as this is such vast subject, I felt it was necessary to mention the role of alternative nutrition in bodybuilding in a chapter of its own.

Alternative nutrition includes many of the supplements that I have previously discussed. In alternative nutrition, alternative medicine and alternative therapy, many of the procedures and products have been around for 1000s of years and are widely accepted as being effective. Often alternative therapies move over the boundary and into the conventional ideology following strong clinical studies that indicate effectiveness. Take probiotics for example; in the early 1990s, their use was regarded as 'alternative', but since there have been reams of well-designed studies strongly indicating effectiveness, they are widely used in conventional nutrition and medicine.

Some examples of alternative nutrition include herbal supplements, homeopathic supplements, Chinese medicine, products extracted from animals and plants, and certain regimens.

By now you should have a comprehensive understanding of bodybuilding nutrition. Many alternative supplements have been discussed earlier in this section along with more conventional products. I hope that you will be able to make your own judgements about 'alternative' products, if not, I hope you will know where to find out more information.

".you have to keep an open mind about new treatments available."

I am a conventional practitioner, but as nutrition is such a vague topic, you have to keep an open mind about new treatments available. If I hear of something new, I try to find out more about it. Nine out of ten times the product turns out to be rubbish, based only on poor anecdotal evidence, but sometimes I continue to remain open minded, as in the case of aloe vera gel.

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