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Individuals who may wish to body-build or weight train, may, unfortunately have health problems which affects their ability to train and / or eat an appropriate diet. Seek advice from your doctor and dietitian, especially if you are losing weight and struggling to eat just eat what you can. If you are ill, health is more important than bodybuilding, but it must be appreciated that some bodybuilders live for the sport and losing this aspect of their life can be devastating for them in itself. My advice is to try to get through the illness as best as you can, trying to eat well. If you can get back into the gym at some time work back into it gently.

I have come across bodybuilders with chronic kidney disease and cases of severe digestive disorders which meant major bowel surgery, who have still managed to get back into training and have redeveloped great physiques. They do have to take more care with their diet, but careful planning, and trying things slowly has lead to improvements. Remember that bodybuilders are a highly motivated bunch.

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