Benefits of Probiotics and Prebiotics

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Both probiotics and prebiotics increase the colony size of the gut's natural flora, and more and more people are including them in their diet to promote good health. The bodybuilder can also benefit, as he/she can digest their (large quantity) of food more easily helping to provide a more efficient influx of energy and protein.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is increasing in incidence these days, to varying degrees, due to stresses of modern living, pollution and large amounts of junk food in the diet. Pro-and prebiotics help the bowel operate more comfortably, reducing discomfort, helping the IBS-suffering bodybuilder to train with less distraction and digest his/her much needed food more easily.

Pro- and prebiotics also help strengthen the immune system to become more effective, possibly by leading to more efficient antibody formation. If diseases can be kept at bay, the bodybuilder can train harder and recuperate quicker.

You can obtain probiotics by eating live yoghurts, special powders or probiotic drinks like Yakult® (Yakult), Actimel® (Danone France) or LC1® (Nestlé SA). More recently, bodybuilding supplement companies have recognised the benefits, and are "I would certainly recommend adding probiotics and FOS to their engineered nutrition meal replacement powders. prebiotics in their diet."

everyone include probiotics and

I would certainly recommend everyone include probiotics and prebiotics in their diet for good health, which is of doubtless benefit to any keen bodybuilder or athlete.

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