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In many cases bodybuilders like to do a few shows in one season, while they are 'dieted'. For this reason you may have another contest in one or two weeks or even the next day. If you have a show the next day, don't overindulge after the first show, have some protein, white wine and go to bed. Repeat the procedure for the morning of the show.

If you have a show in one week, you'll need to carbohydrate and sodium deplete in the same way, so get started the next day. If you have a show in two or more weeks, have a day of treats (without going mad), then get back on track, and make any adjustments you need to make before carbohydrate and sodium depleting. Evaluate how you looked; if you peaked too early or too late, adjust your final weeks plan accordingly, and refer to your diary.

All the best in your show!

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