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In Chapter 3, I discussed the importance of protein quality and how it is useful to mix protein sources. Often with busy lifestyles, it is not convenient to consume more than one different protein sources at a meal. Taking a few amino acid capsules with food will help ensure good protein quality at each meal. This is not necessary with whey or whole egg sources, as these are already high quality proteins.

Amino acid capsule supplements are not essential, but can be extremely useful for improving protein quality. Avoid amino acid tablets, as these have binders, and are put together by a super-hydraulic compression press. They are difficult to dissolve and are poorly absorbed; in fact, I would say they are a waste of money. Capsules are more easily digested, and the amino acids are more easily absorbed. Make sure that the capsule preparation you purchase contains the full array of free form and branch-chain amino acids.

Also a waste of money, are the sublingual amino acid drops. Supposedly, these are absorbed more readily and quicker so blood concentrations increase more effectively. This has never been shown to be true, and if you have any basic physiology knowledge you'll know that protein digestion doesn't begin until the stomach. Therefore, avoid these preparations too.

Amino acid capsules are not essential, but could be useful for more advanced bodybuilders to take with food, and maximise protein quality. They therefore, do have a place on the bodybuilding supplement market.

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