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Now you're ready to tackle another big issue: how to eat to melt those pounds from your body. Surprise: We're not going to suggest that you starve yourself down to size. If you're a regular watcher of The Biggest Loser, or a member of the Biggest Loser Club (, you already know that crash diets are self-defeating.

The Biggest Loser diet—which calls for a moderate reduction in fat and carbs combined with calorie control—should help you burn pound after pound of pure fat—and do so without feelings of deprivation or loss of energy. To boost your fat loss, the diet is high in lean protein, which has a hunger-controlling effect on the body. On this diet, you'll enjoy a healthy new way of eating that will help you manage your weight and feel satisfied while you're doing it. You'll see steady results in no time.

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Weight Loss Resolutions

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