Log Your Progress

We like to see you keep track of when you worked out—and how long, and whether you increased your resistances or reps, or progressed to any advanced exercise moves. These are all indicators of progress and help you stay the course.

Also, record milestones such as pounds or inches lost, a new smaller dress or pants size, or your ability to exercise longer without getting tired. There are other not-so-obvious milestones worth recording too, such as:

Improved blood pressure Better blood sugar control More energy and mental focus Better sleep

Lower resting heart rate

Improved cholesterol and triglycerides levels

Basically, you're keeping a record of your success, written down in black and white. Making behavior changes is a challenge, but progress motivates.

There will be times when you might have to miss a workout. Just don't get upset over it and let your distress overtake your motivation. Missing a single workout in no way means that you can't stick to an exercise schedule. This would be a self-destructive mind set. Allowing such negativity to intrude in your lite might even make you miss a string of workouts, or set you up to fall off your diet. Let it go and focus on doing your next workout, and your next, and so forth. Says Bob Harper: "It doesn't matter how far off track you've gone if you just make a concerted effort every day—the smallest step—you can get control of your life again."

Try taking a lesson from competitive athletes; they do mental warmups. Start thinking about the benefits of your upcoming workout. The calories you burn. The muscle you'll firm. Your body reshaping itself, all in the right places. The stress-relieving chemicals that will flood your system. Imagine how invigorated and rejuvenated you'll feel afterward. See yourself consistently following your schedule one workout at a time. Replay this information in your head. Make a promise to yourself that when you start the Biggest Loser fitness plan, you will be committed to it. Stay with your schedule, and before long, an active lifestyle will become a second-nature habit. Now go for it—you'll be amazed at what you can accomplish today.


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