Bent Over

No one wants to look a good deal older—which is what poor posture and slumped shoulders will do for you. By contrast, with a well-developed back, you'll create a more youthful posture and younger-than-your-real-age appearance. This great back-building exercise will help you get there, while indirectly working your biceps. All you need is one dumbbell.


If possible, perform this exercise in front of a mirror to make sure you're positioned properly. Begin with the dumbbell on the floor. Place your left foot in front of your right and bend over so that your back is parallel to the floor, but with a slight arch. Your knees should be bent slightly. Engage your abs to protect your lower back. Grasp the weight with your right hand in an overhand grip.

The Move

Lift and pull the dumbbell into your chest. In this position, squeeze the muscles of your upper back. Lower the weight slowly to the starting position and continue for the suggested number of repetitions. Repeat the set with your other arm.

Advanced Tip

The best way to make this exercise more advanced is to increase the poundage you use. Don't stay stuck with the same weight.

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