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Preface: Nothing's Changed For Over 100 Years - Page 11

You could wait another 100 years and the answer would still be the same...

Overview of OptiFitness & Optimum Physical Training - Page 13

Review of the philosophy behind the training...

My Difference between Bodyweight Exercise & Calisthenics Exercise - Page

A clarification to get the most out of your bodyweight only training...

The Importance & Advantages of Bodyweight Calisthenics Exercise - Page

Why you should participate in a bodyweight only training program...

Bodyweight Exercise VS Weight Lifting - Page 16

Put an end to this age old controversy...

What Did The Legendary George Hackenschmidt Have To Say? - Page 18

A legendary weight lifter advocating bodyweight training...

A Tribute to The Great Gama - Page 20

One of the greatest wrestlers in the world used bodyweight training...

6 Ways to Make Bodyweight Calisthenics Exercise More Effective - Page 23

Use these methods to increase bodyweight exercise effectiveness...


Bodyweight Calisthenics Exercises for Fitness, Health & Physique - Page 31

Get it all without expensive equipment or costly gym memberships...

(BU) Basic Upper Body Exercises - Page 35 (IU) Intermediate Upper Body Exercises - Page 45 (AU) Advanced Upper Body Exercises - Page 61

Your 1st Pull Up a Fitness Milestone - Page 73

What an accomplishment...

(BT) Basic Trunk Exercises - Page 77 (IT) Intermediate Trunk Exercises - Page 91 (AT) Advanced Trunk Exercises - Page 111

Advice & Hints for Effective Core Training - Page 119

Form follows function when if comes to effective core training...

(BL) Basic Lower Body Exercises - Page 123 (IL) Intermediate Lower Body Exercises - Page 131 (AL) Advanced Lower Body Exercises - Page 145

Is Squatting Bad For Your Back and Knees? - Page 151

Put these fears to rest...

(BC) Basic Calisthenics Exercises - Page 155 (IC) Intermediate Calisthenics Exercises - Page 163 (AC) Advanced Calisthenics Exercises - Page 171

Animal Calisthenics - Page 174

These exercises are harder than they look...


The Over-All OptiFitness Progression Strategy - Page 185

The strategy you will use to go from unfit to OptiFit...

The Preparation Phase Workouts - Page 187

Don't just jump right in, prepare yourself...

Prep Workout 1 Prepare & Repair - Page 188

Prep Workout 2 Staff-Sergeant Moss's Swedish System - Page 190

The Progression Phase Workouts - Page 205

Progression is the key to any successful fitness training program...

How to Pick Exercises for Your Program - Page 207

Choose correctly, progress, improve and succeed...

Progression Workout 1 Set Progression Strategy - Page 209

Progression Workout 2 Alternating Set Progression Strategy - Page 212

Progression Workout 3 Super Set Progression Strategy - Page 215

Progression Workout 4 Giant Set Progression Strategy - Page 218

Progression Workout 5 Circuit Progression Strategy - Page 221

Progression Workout 6 Peripheral Heart Action (PHA) Progression Strategy - Page 224

Improve Specific Exercises with Pyramids & Ladders - Page 228

Blast past plateaus with these two methods...

The OptiFitness Phase Workouts - Page 230

These workouts resemble challenges, and will test your progress...

OptiFitness Workout 1 Bodyweight Calisthenics Reps for Time Workout -Page 232

OptiFitness Workout 2 Bodyweight/Animal Calisthenics for Time Workout -Page 234

OptiFitness Workout 3 Timed Rounds Workout - Page 236

OptiFitness Workout 4 (EDT) Escalating Density Training Time Zone Workout - Page 238

OptiFitness Workout 5 Tabata Interval Workout - Page 240

OptiFitness Workout 6 Blackjack Workout - Page 242

OptiFitness Workout 7 Watch the Clock Workout - Page 244

OptiFitness Workout 8 Aerobic Interruption Workout - Page 246

OptiFitness Workout 9 Fartlek Interruption Workout - Page 248

OptiFitness Workout 10 Active Rest Intervals Workout - Page 250


The Importance Of Keeping A Workout Journal - Page 255

Plan, analyze, track and document your fitness, health and physique journey...

Printable, Blank Workout Journal Sheets - Page 259

Final Thoughts: Expend Time & Energy And Succeed! - Page 279

With this comprehensive plan and your desire, you will succeed...

The Optimum Fitness Network LLC: You Cannot Fail... Only Learn! - Page 280

Online resources you can use... Index - Page 281



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