IT 7 Chinnies MRPS

Lie on your back with your legs straight and your elbows bent, hands lightly grasping your head.

Do not grab your head tightly and pull with your arms.

Exhale and contract your abdominals while you bring your right elbow to left knee and then your left elbow to right knee.

Continue alternating at a brisk pace.

Your abdominals will stay contracted throughout the entire exercise, maintaining a semi-crunch position and your legs will not touch the ground until the repetitions are complete.

Works the abdominals, hip flexors and oblique muscles.

Lie on your back with your legs bent at a 90° angle... outstretching your arms to the side for balance.

Maintain the angle of the legs slowly bring both knees down together on one side until the lower back begins to lift off the floor.

Return to the starting position and repeat to the opposite side.

This exercise can also be performed with the legs with straight legs for added difficulty by beginning with your legs held together and perpendicular to the floor.

Works the abdominals and oblique muscles.

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