IL 13 One Legged Deadlifts MRPS

Stand on one foot with other foot slightly raise behind you.

Bend your knee and lower yourself towards the floor... Your elevated leg should stay parallel to the floor.

Lean forward slightly to keep your balance but keep your back straight.

Return to the starting position.

Complete all repetitions and repeat on opposite leg.

Assume the position for Bootstrappers... But place your right foot on your left Achilles tendon.

Straighten legs and stop when your left heel touches the ground.

Return to starting position and repeat.

Repeat repetitions with the left foot on the right Achilles tendon.

Place one foot behind you on an elevated step about 18 inches high.

Extend your foot on the ground so that when you lower your body by bending your knee your leg will create a 90° angle.

Keep your back straight and use your arms for balance.

Rise to the starting position.

Complete all repetitions and then switch sides by elevating opposite foot.

Lie flat on your back with knees bent and feet flat on the ground.

With your arms at your sides, lift and extend your left leg while keeping your knees together.

Tilt your pelvis up and lift your butt 36 inches off the floor.

Hold briefly, then release, keeping the leg extended.

Complete all repetitions on one side and then repeat with the opposite leg extended.

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