IC 4 8 Count Body Builders MRPS 15 30 45 or 60 seconds

Stand with feet close together and arms at sides.

1. Bend knees and squat down, placing hands shoulder-width apart on the ground.

2. Extend both legs backward while supporting weight on extended arms... Up push up position.

3. Bend elbows and lower body toward ground.

4. Extend arms to up push up position.

5. While keeping arms extended, separate legs.

6. Bring legs back together.

7. Jump legs under body into low squat position.

8. Stand up to starting position. Repeat.

Stand Feet Apart Outside

Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and arms at sides.

Bend your knees and squat... raising up on your toes.

Keep your knees bent and lean forward so that you fall towards the ground.

Catch yourself with your hands and lower yourself so your face comes close to the ground.

Explosively push yourself back to the squat position and stand in one fluid motion. Repeat.

Begin in the up push up position with your fingers pointing slightly outward.

Jump forward with both feet at the same time and plant your feet under your hips while keeping your hands on the ground.

Your head should follow your knees, head up when knees are tucked and head down when legs are extended.

Begin in the up push up position with your fingers pointing slightly outward.

Tuck one leg under your body and keep the other extended.

With your weight on the balls of your feet, alternate legs as quickly as possible.

Head position is important... Your head should be up when the knee is fully tucked and down during the transition period.

(AC) Advance Calisthenics Exercises

100 Weight Loss Tips

100 Weight Loss Tips

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