Effectively Train Your Core For Strength Power Function

Most physical fitness training programs include some form or another of "Ab Work".

However, your core is so much more than just abdominal muscles... there are also muscles on your sides, lower back and around your hips and spine.

Here are some things to think about...

• No matter how well defined your abdominals muscles are... no one will see them if they are covered with fat. The best thing you can do to have abs you can see is to lose unwanted and unneeded fat.

• Performing abdominal exercises will not reduce unwanted fat around your middle. Working a specific part of your body will not reduce fat in that part of the body... when fat loss occurs, it occurs over the entire body.

• There are no specific exercises that will define the "cuts" in your abdominal muscles. The cuts in your abdominal muscles are genetic.

• Strong abdominals are not developed by doing thousands of repetitions.

Strength development happens when there is resistance... doing a lot of repetitions is a sign of endurance. As a matter of fact, if you are doing a lot of repetitions... you are most likely doing the exercises wrong.

• Many exercises traditionally viewed as abdominal exercises actually work the hip flexors and hip extensors. You need to strike a balance between pure abdominal, hip flexor and hip extensor exercises.

• If you only do "abdominal" exercises and neglect the rest of the core you will develop an unbalanced and dysfunctional core... ultimately sabotaging your physical performance. Developing a strong, balanced and functional core by training the front, sides and back of the trunk is essential to over-all fitness.

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