BL 8 Rear Lunge MRPS

Stand with feet hip-width apart.

Step backward with one foot, bending knees so front knee aligns with ankle, thigh is parallel to the ground and back knee points down.

Your knee should lightly "kiss" the ground.

Push off back foot and return to starting position.

Complete all repetitions to one side and then repeat on the opposite side, or do in an alternating fashion.

Stand with feet hip-width apart.

Keep both feet pointing forward and step to the left, lowering your body until your left knee is bent 90°.

Your right leg should be straight and your body should remain upright.

Push off you left foot and return to the starting position.

Complete all repetitions to the left side and then repeat to the right side.

Stand with your feet together and lift up on your toes.

You can perform this exercise with one leg at a time of with both legs.

Get a greater range of motion my placing your toes on a raised surface.

Vary the exercise by spreading your feet further apart or changing the angle of the feet.

Lay flat on your back with knees bent and feet flat on the ground.

With your arms at your sides and your knees together, push your pelvis up and lift your butt 3-6 inches off the floor.

Hold briefly and return to starting position.

(IL) Intermediate Lower Body Exercises

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