AU 15 Handstand Walkout with Push Up MRPS

Assume an up push-up position with your feet touching the wall.

Walk your feet up the wall as you push back and walk your hands toward the wall.

You should end up in a handstand where you are facing the wall.

Walk your hands out and perform a push-up before walking back to the handstand position.

The more you walk out and the closer you go to the floor, the harder the exercise.

Assume the handstand position.

Bend your elbows and lower your body so your nose approaches the ground... do not lower to the top of your head, but look towards the floor.

Reverse the direction and return to the starting position.

The Handstand Push-Up can be done as a 1/4, 1/2 or full variety by changing how close you go towards the floor.

To increase difficulty, perform the handstand on two raised surfaces... allowing you to go lower with a greater range of motion.

Perform a regular BU #8 Classic Push Up but explode up so that your hands leave the ground.

Catch yourself and immediately return to the down position and repeat.

For added difficulty, clap your hands while in the air... or behind your back if your can get the height.

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