Integration How to Turn Your Abs into Team Players and Skyrocket Your Athletic Potential27

A two-step program: from training the muscles to training the movement.. the Russian Ballet Leg Thrust for a stable spine and corrugated abs the right way to do situps.. to test if you are ready to do situps the dangers of adaptive shortening.. ..Laputin's highly effective variation of the straight-legged situp.. Scissor Situps—using a martial arts secret for an extra edge in abs strength how the Swiss Ball Crunch uses extreme stretching to transform the worthless crunch into a thing of pure evil..a brutal love handle muscle workout.. ..hell-on-a-wheel with the jackknife pushup.. Yananis and the killer Spetsnaz special—a one arm-one leg jackknife.. abdominal pushups for core strength and back stability Bruce Lee's Dragon Flag.

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