Scorpion Pushup

> Get into pushup position and squeeze your glutes. As you descend rotate your upper body to your left while swinging your left log across to your right side. II should touch the floor somewhere between your right foot and right hand (looking like a scorpion's tail). Push yourself back up and return the leg.

good form is essential

Try to keep your head in line with your body.

Suspended Fly

> Attach a suspension training apparatus (such as the TRX, shown above) to an overhead object and set the handles about six inches off the floor Grab the handles tightly and get into pushup position. Squeeze your glutes and core, and slowly open your arms outward. When you feel a stretch in your pecs, reverse the motion. By moving your whole body in a fly motion, you increase the overall muscle activation tremendously

Fly Pushup

> Grab a towel in each hand and kneel on a waxed, wooden floor with your hands under your shoulders. Spread your hands apart and lower your chest to the floor, bending your elbows (it should look like the bottom of a wide-grtp pushup). Push yourself back up while also pulling your hands together in a fly motion. The instability caused by the slippery door adds to the challenge.

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