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> The ultrathin Garmin nuvi 1390T GPS ($270 @ is the ultimate road-trip companion. Just 145 mm thick, this sleek navigator is loaded with features Including free traffic alerts and nearly 6 million points of interest. It also sports a 43-inch touch screen, handsfree calling compatibility, and Garmin's ecoRoute feature, which calculates more fuel-efficient driving routes. The only thing that's better than saving gas? Free gas! That's why we're also throwing in $500 worth of Shell V-Power gasoline the only gas designed to help clean your engine of performancerobbing gunk

> For a chance to win both, e-mail a 20-word-or-less description of your ultimate summer road trip to [email protected] (subject line: GPS). Best story wins.

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Be the main event.

Run with the bulls.

Swim with the sharks.

Hunt something that could eat me.

Crash Awards Show after-party.

Have groupies.

Start my own record label.

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UnKaged Dagger Cross neckwear by Scott Kay

More calluses.

More bugs in my teeth. .

Dance till dawn in Madrid. M

Own classic muscle car. Or two. "I

Go commando to board meeting.

Find the perfect scotch.

Grow beard a bird could live in.

Guys month out.

Forget my address.

Land a swordfish.

Rock an arena.

Brew my own beer.

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Metal for Men.~

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