Where To Try It

ยป Any lake, bay, or river Is fine for mastering the basics. Once you know what your doing, test your skills in these top-notch locales, which offer a vanety of conditions, plus rentals and lessons.

Glenwood Canyon, Colorado

The 18-mile section of the Colorado River running through this town offers variety and predictably "You've got rapids below the dam, and everything above it is flat" says Ken Hoeve, a Surftech-sponsored rider.

Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge, Maryland

Square in the heart of Chesapeake Bay crab country, this region is a paddler's Utopia The remarkable marshland ecosystem has countless paths crisscrossing tidal marshes and covers more than 25,000 acres "It 's really remote-says Luke Hopkins, founder of Riclestride.com, maker of Stride stand-up paddleboards. "And you have all these slow-moving channels that go all over the place"

Oahu, Hawaii

This is a must-paddle destination," says pro stand-up paddler Liam Wilmott. "It's the birthplace of the sport" Every side of Oahu is accessible in less than an hour, and the conditions cater to every level of paddler.

Find more of our favorite stand-up paddling spots at mensfitness.com/paddling

It works at night, so I can play all day.

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