Train Like Jane

Canadian-born trainer Christine Hazelton keeps not only Jane ripped. She also got Matt Damon into killer condition for The Bourne Identity and transformed Dane Cook for Good Luck Chuck Here are three of her most essential fitness tips.

eat less more often. "If you can change one thing, meal frequency Is the most important Eat five to six small meals every three hours without grazing in between I like for Thomas to have a fist-size portion of cottage cheese [regular or low-fat. not fat free] at night; it has a slow-digesting protein that helps muscle preservation"

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ think 80/20. "Get out of that all-or-nothing mentality Twenty percent of the time allow yourself to color outside of the lines. Thomas has one ice-cream snack a day [Haagen-Dazs coffee and almond crunch snack-size bar. 190 calories). You can live your life and maintain the kind of leanness that Thomas has."

keep the body guessing. Hazelton likes to keep workouts challenging and entertaining. so she created Body Fate, an iPhone app "It's a play on life." she says. "You never know what will come your way" Body Fate mixes things up. makes working out more of a game. Yet it also puts you through an ass-kicking metabolic acceleration circuit.


Turkish get-up-two reps each side with a 35-lb kettlebell


► TRX single-leg suspended pushup: six to eight reps each side

► Speed Skaters with super band: 20 each side

► TRX Inverted row: eight to 12 reps

► Bosu bicycle abs with medicine ball: 40 seconds

*■ KB squat to high pull to press: eight to 12 reps

► Feet elevated side plank with dip: 15 reps

► KB single-leg deadlift: eight to 10 reps

► Eccentric pullup with palms in (Jane pulls up and then lowers himself slowly) eight to 10 reps

► Allow very little rest between sets. Complete all reps on one side, and then repeat on the opposite side

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The Proper Mindset For Health And Fitness

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