J>owerBlock v. Can replace up \to37 pairs of (^¿'-.dumbbells in " ^^the space of 1 Sets start at $149 Free brochure powerblock.com

877-316-9858 Easy as:

1. Select weight 2. Lift weight


Grip Pro Trainer very effectively increases finger-handforearm strength. Has a natural feel and is easy to use almost anytime/anywhere. It eliminates the uneven workout of spring exercisers & is more dynamic than grip balls. Available in 3 levels of difficulty: 30lbs, 40lbs & 50lbs of resistance. 57.95 each or try all 3 for $19.95.

866-574-GRIP Gt1pProTrainer.com

Dealer inquires invited

World's most powerful hand vac makes cleaning the interior of any vehicle fast and easy. All-steel with elegant stainless finish.

Weighs only 3 lbs! Made in USA.

1-800-822-1602 www.cardryer.com

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