Mating Game By Sil Lai Abrams

Change up your strokes

"Start with compressions-lean on the heels of your palms and apply pressure onto her muscles," Urosa says. Then knead-don't poke-her muscles with your fingers. Feather strokes are great on tender areas. Just roll your fingers back and forth while you move your hands up and down the muscle. "Pay attention to the top part of each muscle where it meets the bone."

Focus on her pleasure zones

"Her inner thighs up to her pelvic bone, her glutes, and pectoral muscles are all highly sensual areas," Urosa says. They're also neglected by the pros. "Use compressions followed by kneading on the inner thighs, butt, and tailbone. and feather strokes on the breasts."

(Not) Daddy's Little Girl

The woman I'm dating barely talks to her father. Should I be concerned?

It depends. How a person interacts with their opposite-sex parent is a big indicator of how they'll act with you. But you can't change how she gets along with her dad, so focus on how she treats you If you notice behavior that can be linked to her relationship with her father, gently suggest she try to resolve it, perhaps by talking to a professional. If she treats you like a king, let it go and leave the psychoanalysis to Dr. Freud.

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