With a powerful combination of quality, results and great value. Six Star Muscle has grown in popularity so quickly that it's a hot-selling brand at a top American retailer and ts now available in more places than ever before!

That's because it's engineered with 52 grams of high-quality protein per max dose, plus another ultra-potent, university-tested key ingredient scientifically shown to deliver dramatic results. In |ust one study conducted by researchers at St. Francis Xavier University and University of Saskatchewan and later published in the International Journal of Sport Nutntnon and Exercise MetaMsmÔÇ× subjects taking the key components in Six Star Muscle Whey Protein built 340 percent more lean muscle! Another study shows that subjects taking a key ingredient also experienced 160 percent more strength than those usiirtg inferior milk proteins!1

And, if sH that wasn't enough, Six Star Muscle Whey Protein is available at a great price you can afford! Get yours today!

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