Trainer Mike Wunsch tweaks a reader's current program for better results by sean hyson. c.s.c.s.

• Dan Reiner from Towson, McL, sent us his regimen. We called trainer Mike Wunsch of Santa Clarita, Calif., for some pointers.

Dan's program: Three full-body workouts a week, following 45 minutes of treadmill running. Here's Day L (The other workouts use similar exercises and rep ranges on different days.)

45-degree leg press

Seated cable row

Machine shoulder press

Cable curl

Triceps extension


> Sets: 3 Reps: 60-second holds

Mike's thoughts: Full-body workouts are great, and three days of training will leave plenty of time for recovery. However, you don't have a single exercise that targets the hamstrings, glutes, and other interrelated muscles on the back side of the body, where total-body strength originates. You're also lifting too light to build muscle."

The overhaul: Drop the leg press in favor of a squat (using a barbell). Replace the machine shoulder press with a standing barbell press. You should also reduce your reps on each exercise to between five and 12 (go heavier). Finally, save your cardio for after you lift. Doing it beforehand will only tire you out, leaving you to lift with less focus and intensity.

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