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"The word shirtless meant stress for me. But thonks to the help of Xenadrine ULTRA I lost an amazing 46 lbs. in just 16 weeks and I'm in the best shape of my life! Now I feel confident and don't need to suck in my gut anymore - I actually haveabs!"-.___ r

Tenny Fou

Tenny Fau tost an amazing 46 lbs. and 8.3 inches oft his waist in 16 weeks with Xenadrine ULTRA!

Individual shown used Xenadrine ULTRA for 16 weeks with diet and exercise and was remunerated. Study subjects taking the key ingredient combination lost an average of 11.24 lbs. in 45 days.*

Americo's fastest growing diet supplement brand,* Xenadrine ULTRA, contains a powerful key ingredient combination shown in a scientific study to cause significant weight loss.* With diet, exercise and the help of Xenadrine® ULTRA7" you can lose weight ultra fast. Get it working for you!


> Boost > Increase

Metabolism Energy*

Calories* ^


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CVS/pharmacy ofrriS?* tin one study on the key ingredient combination (Yerba mate. Guarana, Damiana). subjects lost on average, 11.24 lbs. in 45 days versus an average of 0.66 lbs. for the placebo group. ♦Another ingredient (Caffeine anhydrous [1,3,7 - trimethylxanthine]) boosts metabolism to burn more calories and increases energy. 'Based on IRIF/D/MX dollar sales data 52-vreeks ending January 24, 2010. Sensible diet and exercise are essential for healthy weight loss. Read entire label before use. © 2010.

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